Proposed By-Law Changes Available for Member Comment

Dear MVSA Members:

The Officers of the MVSA have some recommended changes to the By-Laws based on the current operations of the organization.  To solicit feedback from our membership, the proposed changes are available for your review and comment at

This MVSA member comment period will run until the end of October (10/31). At the conclusion of the comment period, the MVSA Officers will review comments and make any additional revisions to have a final version by November 5th. The final recommended bylaws will be posted one week before the MVSA meeting with notice that this version will be voted upon during the November 12th meeting. During the November meeting, we will take a vote from all attendees on the final version.

Please add your comments to these documents. To comment on specific areas:
(a) Visit
(b) Highlight the text you wish to add a comment to
(c) Click the ‘Comments’ button in the upper right
(d) Add and save your comment

Key changes being recommended include

  • formally expanding the Board to include school representatives
  • combining related Officer roles to increase flexibility (Recording Secretary & Corresponding Secretary merged into a single Secretary role)
  • removing the Nomination Committee due to historical lack of usage
  • explicitly defining the liaison to Principal responsibilities to President
  • other minor style and reference updates

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
MVSA Officers