Multicultural Fair coming to Mission Valley on May 17th

One of the greatest assets of our Mission Valley community is our diversity.  For that reason, we are expanding Multicultural Day to be a bigger event on Saturday May 17th from 10am to 2pm so the entire family can participate!  We are planning something campus-wide with food, entertainment, education, costumes, and hands-on activities. Sign up to help organize or volunteer.


April 2014 Parent Bulletin

 Parent Bulletin   April 2014


Help lead the MVSA in 2014-2015

As the end of this school year draws closer, the MVSA is starting to look ahead and plan for 2014-2015.  We are now seeking nominations for next year’s Board of Directors. In addition to nominations for elected officers, we are also seeking leaders for several key committees. In most cases, no experience is necessary and only a few hours of your time each month would be needed.

Visit to learn more about our committees and Board positions. If you are interested in getting involved, attend the next  MVSA meeting in the school staff room on Tuesday April 8 @ 7pm.


Suspension and redesign of MVSA Parent Safety Patrol

Important changes to the MVSA Parent Safety Patrol Program

The safety of students crossing streets near our school is everyone’s first concern. FUSD, in conjunction with the Fremont Police, is developing a new, improved volunteer crossing guard program. The program will be launched in May, after which Mission Valley will redesign our own parent volunteer program to be in compliance. The new program will be safer for both students and volunteers. In addition, volunteer positions may be easier with a shorter time commitment. The tentative plan is to launch the new program next fall. We hope you will volunteer!

Because of these changes, we have suspended our current volunteer Safety Patrol program for the remainder of the year, effective immediately. We wish to thank the many wonderful parents who volunteered for the old program! We hope to see you again next year in the new program. Our outstanding student crossing guards will remain on duty from 8:10 to 8:20.

With these changes, please consider these options to ensure the safety of your children:

1. Have your child arrive at school before 8:20 so they can cross with the student crossing guards.
2. Escort your child across the street when no crossing guards are present.
3. Use the drive through to avoid crosswalks.

Thank you.