Parent Satisfaction Surveys

Dear Principals & Secretaries,

The annual Parent Satisfaction Survey for 2017 is now live. The feedback will directly contribute to Fremont Unified’s 2016-17 LCAP plan, as well as give us valuable information about parent engagement at district schools. The links below are the Spanish, English, and Chinese versions (PDFs also attached). The survey window will remain open through March 10, 2017. Instructional Services will also send ten hard copies in each language for your front office.

Parent Survey English:

Parent Survey Spanish:

Parent Survey Chinese:


Common Core/Smarter Balanced Tests

An informational meeting on Common Core and the new Smarter Balanced Assessment Test, which is required for all students in Grades 3-8, will be held this coming Tuesday, 7 pm at Gomes Elementary.  This meeting is open to families of all Mission San Jose area elementary schools.  Common Core coaches from FUSD will present valuable information on the new assessment testing and will be providing examples of what a good “writing piece” looks like under Common Core along with sharing the “descriptors” for the Smarter Balanced Tests.

This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about Common Core/Smarter Balanced Tests and get all your questions answered!

Date:  Tuesday, January 13th
Time:  7 pm
Place:  Gomes Elementary School, 555 Lemos Lane

For information about CAASPP, click on this link – CAASPP ENG

Mission Valley named as a 2014 California Distinguished School

California Distinguished SchoolMission Valley Elementary School has been recognized as a 2014 California Distinguished School.  Principal Genevieve Randolph credits a strong collaboration among teachers, staff, students, and parents. “Thank You.  This is really a result of parent support and teachers working together for the students. I appreciate all of you.”


Common Core Information

Common Core Parent Presentation FUSD

Parent Resources Page Final

Literacy and Math Parent Final

Parent Night Info Flier v5


Information For New Parents

Whether your children are new to kindergarten, or entering Mission Valley from another school, there are a few pieces of information that may be helpful to you.

1.  Parents, please be sure to check in with the office any time you visit the school.  You’ll be asked to sign in and out and will be given a visitor sticker for the day.  These procedures are designed to keep your child safe during school hours.

2.  School schedules vary by grade and day of the week.  Typically, for grades 1-3, school starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:50.  However, Wednesdays are early release days for grades 1-6, when school ends at 1:10.  Typically for grades 4-6 school starts at 8:20 and ends at 2:50.  Additionally, there are exceptions for all students and grades, which are entered into the early release calendar and distributed to parents.

3.  The YMCA operates an onsite afterschool program at Mission Valley.  You may inquire directly with them at  For other options on before and after-school childcare, please contact one of Fremont’s non-profit advocacy groups, like 4c’s of Alameda.  Staff can assist you with child care referrals in the area.

3.  The Kindergarten schedule has two start periods.  Under the new schedule, the 15 student early group has class from 8:30-11:50 and overlaps with the 15 student late group, which runs from 10:10-1:30.  If your child registered for kindergarten in March, you can find out which session he is registered for by checking the bulletin board outside of the office.  Snack time for the early group will be 10 am, and for the late group, 11:50 pm.

4.  Children learn to write using D’Nealian manuscript.  Don’t be surprised when you write the letter “k,” and your kid tells you, “That’s not the Mission Valley way.”  Parents who are getting their kids ready for kindergarten may want to start learning more about D’Nealian.

(If any parents out there know of a good source for a freeware/shareware D’Nealian font, please either post to the forum, or repository.  For now, I am aware of two.  One is a tracing font, and can be found at:  The other is a homemade font (for Windows or Mac) posted to our file repository.)

5.  Room assignments are posted at 5:30 pm the day before the first day of school.  The listings are on Room 19, just behind the round dropoff area where school buses park.  If you want to stay on the best side of office staff, don’t ask if it will be available earlier.  You can count on having it posted when they say it will be.

6.  Join Mission Valley School Association.  It’s the fastest way to get to know your school and your community.  At the same time, you’ll be helping not just yourself, but your neighbors.  It’s true that being involved with the association can take time and effort.  But not all of it is work.  We take time to have fun, and to promote social aspects in our organization as well.


Proposed Fencing Meeting-CANCELLED


Informational Meeting on
Proposed Fencing at
Mission Valley Elementary
By Parent Fence Committee
May 28, 2013 – 7pm
In the Mission Valley Multi-Use Room


News from the Library

News from the Library

 I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the recent fundraiser for the library.

Thanks to you we have an additional $1300 to spend on books.  I shall be updating our non-fiction section with this money, with special reference to the sciences and technology.

Mission Valley parents and students, you are wonderful.