Traffic Safety – Be part of the solution

For the last few years, Mission Valley has been forced to reduce and even suspend drive-through times as a result of the low number of parents volunteering for traffic patrol.  As you may already know, the drive-through is a volunteer operation and the school is not required to provide this service.  Additionally, we’ve continued to see a high number of unsafe driver decisions during drop-off and pick up times. These items result in UNSAFE CONDITIONS FOR ALL THE STUDENTS!

The MVSA believes our parents care more and want to be part of the solution so we want to encourage you to take the following steps:

  • Volunteer for traffic patrol – your help during just a single 20 minute shift either before or after school can make a huge difference… training is available… contact to get involved.
  • Follow volunteer instructions and traffic signs – Follow traffic laws and the instructions of safety volunteers. Do not double park, make U-turns, park in driveways, or other reckless behaviors.
  • Slow down – there are 100s of children at school so please slow down and be cautious when in the school zones.
  • Find parking – we have the good fortune to live in a great climate so take a few minutes to find legal parking and pick your student(s) up in person.
  • Enter the drive-through from Denise – our traffic loop is one way and should only be entered from the Lockwood-Denise direction.  Do not try to enter the drive-through from McKay.
  • Pull all the way forward – Once in the drive-through, pull all the way forward. Tell your children to look for you and do not stop to call out or look for students as you simply block other parents.

Please remember this is our community and we can make a difference for the safety of our own children.  Even if you don’t live close to the school, please respect the homeowners near the school by behaving in a way you would behave on your own street.  With your help, we can make 2013-2014 a great year of safety for the students of Mission Valley.


Volunteers needed for Safety Patrol

Attention Parents,
We desperately need volunteers to assist our children during morning and afternoon Safety Patrol. No experience necessary!
We are simply asking you to volunteer 20 minutes of your time, in the morning or afternoon, on any given school day.
Your efforts can prevent accidents where children might be injured due to reckless turns or drop offs in the middle of the road by drivers.
We ask you to help ensure the safety of the children.PLEASE DONATE YOUR TIME FOR OUR CHILDREN’S SAFETY.
Please contact today!